A global coalition of countries and institutions

We were approached by the NDC Partnership to help them build their brand. The Partnership was set up to help countries fulfil their climate commitments to the Paris Agreement of 2015 – part funded by the World Resource Institute (WRI) and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

In a sector swamped with imagery depicting starvation, suffering and disaster, we created a global photographic brief for local professional photographers to capture the good and great things that their countries were doing to address climate change.

We created a supporting icon-illustration style that gave the Partnership a language that was unique in the sector.

This helped them to communicate messages that combined the many aspects of their work within a single piece of communication, and gave them standout and recognition.

All digital touchpoints were designed and created across different platforms from the Python master website: ndcpartnership.org WordPress micro-sites, through to all social channels.

We created the concept and designs for the NDC Partnership pavilion at the global UN climate event COP24 in Poland and COP25 in Spain, for two years in a row.

The designs utilised recycled materials, such as reclaimed timber, which featured signature world flag colours – every participating country was represented.  We also created spaces where all the Partnership members (some 108 countries) could be represented.

The outcome is a progressive and flexible brand identity that focusses on the positive action being taken by both
the work of the NDC Partnership and the organisations, countries, and governments that they support.

Client: NDC Partnership
Services: Branding (not logo!), advertising, digital, motion, print, experiential

“It’s always difficult to ‘build a plane while you fly it, and that is indeed what you have done. I’m thankful for your work getting the Partnership’s visual identity and storytelling on such strong footing. Our branding has become strongly recognizable to stakeholders all over the world, and many vitally important partners are touched by the work.”

Andrea Risotto, CMO, NDC Partnership