With us on your side, anything's possible

The challenge was to build a differentiated brand proposition and new visual identity for NSC Global – a business that operates in technology and logistics from personnel to process and infrastructure – building on it’s existing success and making the business feel differentiated and special.

In a technology jargon cluttered sector, there was little view of what it was that differentiated one business from another, even amongst the biggest players. Most of the sector relied on category clichés, expressed both visually and verbally.

With us on your side, anything’s possible.

The new brand proposition – ‘With us on your side, anything’s possible’ – supported by a new visual and verbal identity helped NSC to articulate their story clearly and consistently, to both customers and employees, and improve the way they sell their full range of services more effectively and credibly.

NSC has 4500 employees across the globe, and their new brand identity embraces the spirit of  the founders “we can do anything” spirit.

Complex problem? Simple solution.

Client: NSC
Agency: Amp
Role: Creative Director