A new visual identity for the next-generation robot hands and systems business

Shadow Robot are the leaders in the world’s most Dexterous Humanoid Robot Hands – helping the advances in Robotic Research. With clients such as NASA, MIT, Hitachi, OpenAI, and GSK, Shadow Robot have a strict ‘robots for good’ policy that sometimes involves saying “no, thank you”. If they don’t like the ethical proposal, they won’t do it, and they never sell their robots for military use.

The new logo/icon depicts a hand (think of the thumb and four fingers), but the varying length of lines also symbolises Shadow’s versatility, and that they’re not limited by any constraints when it comes to developing cutting-edge technology within robotics.

We created a fresh colour palette that drew on the 25 year heritage and gave it a contemporary finish. A digital first typographic solution and modular grid system allows the brand to be presented consistently across product, print and digital formats.

Yes. That is Jeff Bezos…

Client: Shadow Robot
Services: Branding, digital, communications, guidelines.

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